Meet Lori

32116763_1663940880387950_5734726860030345216_nOrganizer, Lori Anne, is a community connector, artistic and visionary thinker and re-wilded woman, who currently lives a simple life with her two young children and partner, on 10 acre Permaculture sanctuary Our Permaculture Farm (Grow Permaculture.) There they are building a tiny home, volunteering on the site and learning to live more sustainably- all with the goal of: creating an intentional community, raising their children to honor the Earth and finding ways to facilitate human-kindness, eco-friendliness and healing of cultural paradigms. (visit to view the many opportunities for self-betterment and betterment of the planet.)

Lori envisioned a better connected world and dreamt of healing the planet, from the time she was in Pre-K. She always had the ability to see and create uplifting threads between people and their environment.

As an adult, and Complex Trauma survivor, Lori has sought every resource to provide those who are struggling with the tools to find self fulfillment and simultaneously share their gifts with the world.

She is the creator of many community outreach programs including Be Leaf Family Co-Op  (Brooksville, FL) which connects Natural Families and provides holistic education to parents and children. She has spent her life in education: both working and volunteering as a children’s zumba, martial arts, yoga, and hoop teacher and as a nanny, lead teacher and children’s counselor. She also has experience working as a home-health aid with high -functioning handicapped individuals.

She has schooling in Psychology and Alternative Medicine from Stony Brook University and Everglades University and has experience in healing modalities such as Reiki energy work, thai massage and restorative dance and art therapy.

Lori is a motivational speaker and writer on subjects like physical/emotional abuse, neglect and PTSD recovery. She is writing a memoir an contributing to two blogs. Her writing has been published in several books and newspapers. Click here to visit one of her blogs, The Compost Potty.

She has been a backpack traveler- climbing mountains barefoot and building Earthships- and a former fire dance performer. She delights in all things creative and finds purpose in creating healing connections and education for beings of all ages.

“I survived to help others thrive.”   -Lori Anne Mayor

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