Meet Jessica

33098920_1675253345923370_1749710843928379392_nYoga instructor, novice herbalist, and permaculture nomad, Jessica Jonovski, has practiced yoga for over 10 years and started teaching in 2015. She was first inspired to teach while practicing with the Africa Yoga Project in Kenya, where she came to appreciate and embrace the deeper gifts of the practice: its universal teachings of mindfulness, presence, and love. Through her later adventures studying, teaching, and traveling in India and Southeast Asia, she eventually found herself immersed in the world of permaculture as well. As her connection to her natural surroundings grew, she came to understand that the teachings of yoga and the teachings of plants were undeniably intertwined – each containing a beautiful world of mysteries begging to be explored!

In addition to being a certified yoga instructor (Sampoorna Yoga, India), Jessica is also a Level II Reiki practitioner (Asian Healing Arts Center, Thailand) and has dabbled in herbalism studies (Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism, North Carolina), Thai Massage (Shivagakomarpaj, Thailand), and Vipassana meditation. And, along with the other facilitators, recently earned a Permaculture Design Certificate from Grow Permaculture. When in the US, she resides somewhere between the countryside of Old Florida, the mountains of North Carolina, and her homeland of southwest Ohio.

Jessica is guided by the ancient vedic mantra Soham, meaning “I am that”— a reminder that we are all connected to the same Divine source energy, that our souls are interwoven with one another and with all beings on this earth and beyond. It only makes sense for us to allow nothing but love to flow through them. May all beings everywhere be happy and free!

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