Pineapple Acres is a non-profit organization where members are given the opportunity to grow through educational seminars and workshops on topics, such as: gardening, organic food, yoga and meditation. Pineapple Acres allows members to rediscover their inner peace and seek mindfulness in nature. We also offer services to the general public through educational food forest installations; community and school gardens; and residential landscape design. It’s a place to feel the dirt on your hands while cleansing your soul.

Vision: A place to tune into one’s soul and listen to nature’s silence. An individual has the opportunity to cultivate a healthier sense of self and to comprehend their life’s purpose.

Mission: Provide individual mindfulness through nature, gardening and art, which will be offered in classes, outdoor workshops, retreats, and community projects.

Meet the founder:


Stephanie created Pineapple Acres through her passion for the outdoors, gardening and mindfully living. She discovered many urban dwellers crave holistic mindfulness, but aren’t sure where to begin. For Stephanie, gardening is not simply about growing plants. Gardening is a chance to reconnect to nature where she can seek the space to listen to her soul. Stephanie wants to spread that magic. Gardening  has been a part of Stephanie’s life since she was a little girl. She has experience in landscaping and is certified in permaculture design. Her philosophy is that in order to find inner peace and balance in life you must connect to your spirituality. And nature offers so many opportunities to do just that.

Recently, Stephanie co-created a children’s gardening club and partnered to work with the South Shore community to implement designs for community and school gardens. She is a board member of a local garden club, which is planning to create a community garden and educational food forest. She is also certified in meditation, mindfulness, energy medicine and stress management.

When she’s not gardening, Stephanie enjoys writing, surfing, cooking, yoga, volunteering and spending time with her family.