Pineapple Acres is a proud co-creator of a women’s soul retreat entitled, The Sisterhood Within, which will take place from November 8-11, 2018. Lori Anne Mayor, founder of Be Leaf Family Co-op, created this retreat as a collective exploration of the chakra system through spiritual connection in art, writing, meditation, yoga and dance.

It is here where we choose to create a connection between our roots: as sacred sisters and to the Earth. It’s focus is to draw us Inward: closer to our natural state of well-BEING.

Past: remembering, healing, forgiving and growing from our experiences.

Present: expanding out in our personal power and collective strength.

It is here we will remember our connection to the greater whole, our place among the sister circle and our gifts to share with the Earth. We will find support and explore deep soul work through art, writing, meditation, yoga, dance and collaborative channels.

When leaving, each woman will take with her a “vision book,” created with valuable lessons from her personal vision journey and a web connecting her to other powerful Weavers.

We have the ability to create, to transform and to heal, ourselves and the Earth beneath our feet. Come create with us! Click here to view the 4-day schedule.

Meet the women working behind the scenes. These women are happy to share their gifts, talents and expertise with you.


Cost: $400/ticket (For a discounted rate of $333, refer a sister to join or register before August 23rd.)

Location: Grow Permaculture, 11251 Salina St, Brooksville, FL 34614

Accommodations Include: Camping on a 10-acre permaculture model farm, hot/cold outdoor showers, and 3 daily meals. Lodging can begin November 7. Please contact us for details.

For lodging off-site, please check out these Airbnb options.

To register online, click here for tickets.

Questions?? Contact Lori at:

Note: Childcare provided through Natural Insight Life Learning Center off site/on site upon discussion. To reserve, contact:

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook: The Sisterhood Within!